In 2015, when China's due to the issues on China's economy and falling oil price in world market, both Sensex and Nifty were cracking down. I lose almost 50% of my investment in share market. I become totally hopeless about share market. Then I come in touch of Sayan and learn even in falling market, how to make profit. Today I am able to make money irrespective of market is down or up. I got the trick from his classes.
Rajat Dubey
I have been working in share market for long times. But unfortunately most of the times I faced losses. Many time, once I sell a share in loss, after few days its price grown up or vice-versa. Even once I bought a share, I found in next few days, its price goes down. I was totally confused. Then I come in touch with SG and got to know his 'HOW' and 'WHEN' fact. Today I myself can decide shares to buy.
Timir Bhowmik
Being a home maker, I was always thinking to do something side by side. Then I heard about SG Share Market Guide from a social media. There I took some 'Premium Servise' of online products on learning of share market from which I got to know how with some minimum investment and proper planning money can grow up even with minimum risk. his online product 'Plan your Investment to be Crorepoti', was just awsome.
Nilanjana Ray