Karmik Plan - Work Life Directions

There are various people with different professions working in stock market. They may be Retired Person / Student / Govt. Service Person / Businessman / Housewife / IT Employee / Any Pvt. Job etc. Based on priority of their work, how they can invest in stock market and make profit ? This course will make you learn - based on your ability to give time, risk factor, investment etc what are the areas in which you can work. How you can utilize your time to get best returns etc.

Offerings : In stock market every thing need different types of attention and based on that Profit usually come. Like in Intraday trading, you need to watch market every time, where as for equity you even can have a look on market once in a week. For Future/Option/MF etc it varies. In this course you get to learn based on your profession and ablity to give time and take risk how you can work in market. What are the ares that will be best for you to work etc.
**This is a personalized training, it will vary from person to person.

How Does It Work ?
1. First made the payment and let me know through mail or whatsapp.
2. Add the following detail in your mail.
           - Experience of Work in Stock Market :
           - Main Areas of Work (Equity/Future/Option/Intraday/Commodity/Mutual Fund etc.) :
           - Approx. Amount of your Initial Investment :
           - Do you mostly trade with your own understanding or with the tips from others :
           - Mention all your queries :

3. I will confirm the receipt of the payment as earliest as it is possible.
4. Once order placed, within next 1 week, I'll be sending you one doc/audio/video file with content based on requirement.

5. We'll have a 30 minutes call as per conveniet time.
6. You can ask upto 15 doubt clearing questions via 1 emails max. within 1 month from the day of delivery/call.

If you need any clarity, you can mail me or whatsapp me anytime.

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