CROREPOTI - Learn To Be 10 Millionaire

When you are working in Stock Market, you should fix a target to which first you want to reach. As per my conception, our first target is to be Crorepati - 10 Millionaire. In this learning we will get to learn how to plan with our initial investment and set the target where we want to be with the time frame and risk that we can bear.

'अगर CROREPATI नहीं बना तो शेयर मार्किट में काम क्या मतलब ही क्या?'

Offerings : Its all about learning to plan your investment. Your initial investment can be anything. It can be as low as 5K or as much as 5L. Now with your initial investment, you are planing to become a 10 millionaire. Here we basically will learn about various areas of stock market to invest like Equity / Future / Option / Intraday etc. Now based on your initial investment, how to work in various areas and come with max. profit, how to plan money, time frame, risk taken capability, putting legs in various areas of stock market based on bearish or bullish etc and eventually target is to become 'Crorepati'.
**This is a personalized training, it will vary from person to person.

How Does It Work ?
1. First made the payment and let me know through mail or whatsapp.
2. Give me the following detail :
           - Experience of Work in Stock Market :
           - Main Areas of Work (Equity/Future/Option/Intraday/Commodity/Mutual Fund etc.) :
           - Approx. Amount of your Initial Investment :
           - Are you a regular Intraday trader ?
           - Mention all your queries :

3. Once order placed, within next 1 week, I'll be sending you one doc/audio/video file with content based on requirement.
4. We'll have a 30 minutes call as per conveniet time. (Two times in a year from the date of payment, Validity : 1 Year).
5. You can ask upto 25 doubt clearing questions via 3 emails max. within 1 year from the day of delivery/call.

If you need any clarity, you can mail me or whatsapp me anytime.

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