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Offerings : If you have any question regarding share market, you can ask me. It can be any thing. It can be as simple as 'What is Equity ?' or ' How to plan to work in Intraday' or 'Any impact of any event on stock market' --- moreover it can be anything.  
**Ask the question in detail. No doubt clearing question will be entertained.

How Does It Work ?

1. First made the payment and let me know through mail or whatsapp.
2. Give me the following detail :
           - Your Questions :

3. Once order placed, within next 1 week, I'll be sending you one doc/audio/video file with content based on requirement. Alternatively we can have a call as per conveniet time of 5 min/question.

If you need any clarity, you can mail me or whatsapp me anytime.

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