Offerings : When you are working in stock market, knowing every fundamental thing about market is the most important thing. With proper knowledge of basic topics topics like Equity / Future / Option / Commodity etc. and advances topic like Call Buy / Call Sell / Put Buy / Put Sell, Difference Between Call Buy and Put Sell and vice-versa, Time Factor in Option, How to plan your Intraday Work, Money and Time management in Future trading etc. you will able to earn positively irrespectively market is in green or red. For short term profit and long term benefits also, fundamental knowledge is the most important thing.

How Does It Work ?
1. First made the payment and let me know through mail or whatsapp.
2. Give me the following detail :
           - Experience of Work in Stock Market :
           - Main Areas of Work (Equity/Future/Option/Intraday/Commodity/Mutual Fund etc.) :
           - Approx. Amount of your Initial Investment :
           - Mention all your queries :

3. Once order placed, within next 1 week, I'll be sending you one doc/audio/video file with content based on requirement.

4. We'll have a 30 minutes call as per conveniet time.
5. You can ask upto 10 doubt clearing questions via 1 emails max. within one month from the day of delivery/call.

If you need any clarity, you can mail me or whatsapp me anytime.

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