Advanced Knowledge - Stock Market

Offerings : It will cover the basic knowledge of stock market like Equity / Future / Option / Commodity etc. It will also put an light on Money Management in Stock Market, Timing Plan of Stock Market, Idea of different Sectors, Impact of various outside things on market etc. Along with these it will also cover the advanced topic like like Call Buy / Call Sell / Put Buy / Put Sell, Difference Between Call Buy and Put Sell and vice-versa, Time Factor in Option, How to plan your Intraday Work, Money and Time management in Future trading etc. This is a personalized training, it will vary from person to person.

How Does It Work ?
1. First made the payment and let me know through mail or whatsapp.
2. Once order placed, within next 1 week, I'll be have 3 video calls of 1 hour each as per mutual conveient time.
3. I'll also send you doc/audio/video file with content based on requirement.

If you need any clarity, you can mail me or whatsapp me anytime.

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