Mr. Sayan Ghosh (SG)

I have been working in Stock Market for nearly 15 years. Due to the family background, from the time of school, I have been in nurture of the share market. I started working directly in market sometime around 2005. Initially being a newbie, I only work in Equity sector. After that day by day I expand my wings to Future, Option, Commodity, Mutual Fund, Bond etc. After each day, my experience was growing up my knowledge was getting sharpen.

Everything was going good in market untill 2008. Then the big crash occured. Financial crisis of 2007-08. Lehman Brothers !! Suddenly the Bear wins the fight against Bull and market ran in RED. The incident, make me learn a lot of things. I used to dig deep to get a view of that time market daily basis with the help of daily R&D. It almost doubles my experience.

Earlier daily I used to think, 'What' share should I buy ? or 'Which' stock can be good for the day etc. Now I changed my way to think. This time I never ask 'What' or 'Which', rather I ask myself 'Why' then 'How'  ---  At the end of market, first I ask myself 'Why' market has gone in green or red today? Then after getting the answer of that, I again ask myself 'How' to decide the share to buy at tomorrow's market ? and most of the times, I got the correct answer.

After 2008 till today many events occured like
2009-Dubai debt standstill, 2010-European sovereign debt crisis, 2015-Chinese Stock Market crash etc which drove market in deep red. Also some of the incidents show the market the high green index. Irrespective of market was in red or grren, with the help of the question 'Why' and 'How', I able to end my day in profit for most of the days.

It was at the end of 2015, when market had gone extremely down due to chinese stock market crash and falling oil price, some of my known surroundings requested me for some lessons so that they could work in market with proper knowledge and end up with profit irrespective of market bullish or bearish. That was the time and reason, my journey as a trainer  began.

'SG Share Market Guide' starts its journey under the banner of 'S.G.Traders'in the purpose of making people 'Learn To Earn in Share Market'. I only share all the knowlwdge and eduction that I gathered with my experience and journey in stock market with the people so that they can understand the market so well and work properly and purposefully.

"I had have Roti-Kapada-Makan (Food-Cloth-Home) everything in my life. The thing that share market added to it is 'LUXURY'. It converts my Mahindra Centuro to Royal Enfield-Harley Davidson, It converts my journey from Railway to Flight, It gives me the staying experiences at five stars, It blessed me with Rolex-Omega blah blah and a living style like a King" ------ So those who are working in market, always believe that 'My time will also Come' - 'Apna Time Ayeaga' - 'Live Like a King'.
मेरे जीवन में रोटी-कपडा-माकन सब कुछ था। शेयर बाजार ने इसमें 'LUXURY' विलासिता को जोड़ा। इसने मेरे Mahindra Centuro (महिंद्रा सेंटूरो) को Royal Enfield-Harley Davidson (रॉयल एनफील्ड-हार्ले डेविडसन) में बदल दिया इसने मेरी यात्रा को Rail (रेलवे) से Flight (उड़ान) में बदल दिया। इसने मेरे Samsung Mobile को Apple में बदल दिया इसने मुझे 5 Stars (पांच सितारों) में रहने का अनुभव दिया। इसने मुझे Rolex-Omega (रोलेक्स-ओमेगा) के साथ साथ और बहुत सारे चीज़ दिया। इसने मुझे एक राजा की तरह जीवन जीना सिखाया | ----- तो जो लोग Share बाजार में काम कर रहे हैं, हमेशा याद रखें कि 'My time will also Come' अपना समय आएगा - 'Live Like a King' राजा की तरह जिंदगी  जियो.